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Pool Service

Matrix Gunite Pools offers its customers pool service and maintenance on a professional level.

All summerizing, weekly service, winterizing, and any cosmetic or mechanical repairs your pool may need are promptly attended to by our company’s full time staff.


  • Remove cover (if applicable)
  • Re-install all equipment (ladder, dive board, lights, skimmer, baskets, return fittings and safety line)
  • Reassemble filter system and filter pump
  • Start filter up, check operation of pool
  • Attempt to light heater


  • Remove drain plugs from filter, pump, and heater.
  • Remove pumps for winter storage.
  • Blow out pool piping with compressed air, plug lines and add anti-freeze.
  • Add pool water winterizer (if applicable).
  • Install pool cover (if applicable).

Weekly Service

2 visits per week on rotating basis

Chemical and equipment check (Monday or Tuesday)

  • Check and adjust pool water chemistry.
  • Empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets (backwash filter if necessary).
  • Brush pool walls, steps and floor.

Vacuum (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday)

  • Clean pool tile.
  • Check and adjust chemicals.
  • Empty all baskets
  • Adjust pool water level.
  • Check pool heater and pool lights (if switches accessible).