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Pool Construction


Our gunite swimming pools can be designed and built to suit any backyard setting.  Through the use of a design concept that recognizes your preferences and requirements in regard to size, shape, layout, material choices and other aspects of your family's use for the outside areas of your home, a pool environment can be built that will be attractive and functional.  This can only add to the value of your home and provide a safe and relaxing environment for your family and friends to enjoy.


We also design and build gunite pools for public use in commercial applications (condominiums, marinas, co-ops, and apartments).  These pools are designed to meet the standards set forth by the New York State Sanitary Code for swimming pools (Subpart 6-1).  All plans are approved by the Suffolk County Board of Health.  The Board of Health inspects all stages of construction and at the completion of work, certifies the pool for use by the public.


We offer our customers full renovation services for existing pools.  Design preferences in regard to the color and finish materials (coping, tile and marbledust) of your pool can be achieved to make your pool environment more enjoyable.

The type, size and layout of the existing walks and patios around your pool can be altered or changed to meet the needs of changing family sizes.

Many older pools are renovated to upgrade the mechanical and recirculation systems.  New technology can greatly improve the efficiency of pool filtration equipment. Existing pool steps and benches can be altered or new ones can be added.  Advances in pool water sanitizing can make your older pool safer and more comfortable for your family use.