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Weather Protection for Your Pool with Winterizing and Summerizing Services

Get your pool ready for any weather with winterizing and summerizing services from Matrix Development Corporation in Hampton Bays, New York. When you make a call to our team, you will be taken care of by experienced pool contractors and cleaners. We provide you with undivided attention and the best cleaning products in the industry.


Part of our service includes summerizing, where we clean and maintain your pools in time for the summer season. Our summerizing pool service includes:

• Removal of Cover (If Applicable)
• Re-Install All Equipment (Ladders, Dive Boards, Lights, Skimmers, Baskets, Return Fittings, and Safety Lines)
• Reassemble Filter System and Filter Pump
• Start Filter Up
• Check Operation of Pool
• Attempt to Light Heater


It is important to winterize your pool in order to protect it from damages caused by the freezing water. Before winter comes, we do the necessary tasks in making your pool clean and protected. Some of the winterizing tasks that we do include:

• Remove Drain Plugs from Filter, Pump, and Heater
• Remove Pumps for Winter Storage
• Blow Out Pool Piping with Compressed Air and Plug Lines
• Add Anti-Freeze
• Add Pool Water Winterizer (If Applicable)
• Install Pool Cover (If Applicable)

Residential Pools

Weekly Service

We visit your pools two times per week on a rotating basis, where we thoroughly clean your pool and make sure that the equipment is working well. On Mondays or Tuesdays, we perform chemical and equipment checks. Other tasks that we do in maintaining your pool include:

• Adjusting of Your Pool Water Chemistry
• Brushing the Pool Walls, Steps, and Floors
• Emptying Skimmer and Pump Baskets
• Emptying the Backwash Filter (If Necessary)


We vacuum your pool every Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday to keep it clean and free from bacteria and molds. Our vacuum service includes:

• Cleaning of Pool Tiles
• Checking and Adjusting Chemicals
• Emptying All Baskets
• Adjusting Pool Water Levels
• Checking Pool Heater and Pool Lights (If Switches are Accessible)