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Designing and Constructing Dream Pools for Everyone

Matrix Development Corporation in Hampton Bays, New York, specializes in pool construction services for residential and commercial clients. We build and create swimming pool designs that add value to your home and create the stunning oasis you've always wanted.

Pools for Residential Properties

Tell us the vision for your pool and we will turn it into a reality. By using a design concept that takes into account your preferences and requirements, we can build a swimming pool that is both attractive and functional. We base your pool design on:

Size | Shape | Layout | Material Choices | Aspects Involving Family Use of the Home's Outdoors

Residential and Commercial Pools

High-Quality Pools for Commercial Use

Building and designing pools for public use is meticulous and detailed. Thus, it requires the expertise of our contractors who are familiar with the guidelines and rules in creating commercial swimming pools. We build pools for:

Condominiums | Marinas | Co-Ops | Apartments

Meeting All Pool Standards and Codes

Every pool that we build must meet the standards of the New York State Sanitary Code for swimming pools, also called Subpart 6-1. All plans created are approved by the Suffolk County Board of Health. They inspect all stages of construction, as well as certify the pool for public use once completed.

Renovation of Existing Pools

Come to us if your existing pool is in need of renovation. We provide full renovation services that will extend the lifespan of your pool and make it more aesthetically attractive. Additionally, we can alter the type, size, and layout of existing walks and patios around the pool to meet the changing needs of your family. By focusing on design preferences in color and finish materials, we can make your pool environment more pleasant.

Upgrading for the Better

We can renovate older pools with an upgrade to their mechanical and re-circulation systems. New technology can also greatly improve the efficiency of pool filtration equipment, while advances in pool water sanitizing makes your pool safer and more comfortable for family use.

Clean Pools